Openvpn turkish language problem

  • my Language = English

    open vpn running, no problem.

    System >  General setup >  Language > Turkish


    Vpn > OpenVpn > Server > edit > Save

    The following input errors were detected:

    Sunucu kipi Kullanıcı Kimlik Doğrulama gerektiriyorsa kullanılacak kimlik doğrulama arkaucunu seçin.

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  • Message = "Select Server User Authentication mode to be used if you require authentication backend."

    It was trying to match "Local Database" from the config to the Turkish translation "Yerel Veritabani" , with no success!
    The code was not correctly distinguishing between the fixed strings stored in the config - "Local Database" etc - and the translated text displayed on the GUI - "Local Database" or "Yerel Veritabani" or…

    Fixed by:
    Bug report:

    Please do some testing of other places that have:
    a) A drop-down list of values that are translated
    b) A multi-selection box that has translated text
    c) Other places where the valid input data is translated to the GUI language

    All those sort of things could have validation issues - because when in English the values stored in the config and text displayed on the GUI are the same, so we do not notice the bugs in English!

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