Unable to access host on WAN subnet?

  • I have a pfsense 2.1.5 machine up and running.

    Everything works fine except when I want to connect to my mailservern, which is on the same subnet as the WAN on my pfsense.

    I can ping it from the LAN, but I can't do anything at all with TCP. I can ssh into the router and telnet to e.g. port 25 and that works, but not from the LAN.

    Everything else works from the LAN when it comes to traffic to the internet, so why doesn't it work to my mailserver on the WAN subnet?

    My default gw is .105/29 my mailserver has .106/29 and pfsense has .107/29

  • It works when I add a quick floating rule.

    Maybe I should read more about this, just seems kind of strange?

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