Pfsense captive portal wlan and additional AccessPort

  • Hi Everybody,

    I'm struggeling when installing WLan with Captive Portal and a second Access Point.

    Following idea:
    I have a pfsense on alix2d13 running. LAN is the main network ( for the hotel administration. The Wlan ( should be in a separate subnet for the guest with Captive Portal. The alix2d13 with included wlan-interface is installed in the upper floor which is nice for the guest rooms (Vouchers are working, mysql is organising the vouchers on raspberry) but not sufficient the provide Wlan in the lower floor where the restaurant is. I need to install an AP in the lower floor for wlan connectivity. The AP can be connected over wire with the network.

    This AP should connect the guests to Wlan … but with using the voucher.

    Is there somebody who can explain how to do the networking?

    Thank's for your help.


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