Advice on hardware for Home setup

  • Hi all,

    Read all through the forums and I think I have come up with a decent setup for a home situation.  Please double check me and let me know your opinions.  Much appreciated!

    Inet: 200 Mbps Down / 25 Mbps Up

    Proposed Build:

    Intel Desktop Board D2500CC Innovation Series BLKD2500CCE (Dual core 1.86 Atom)
    4GB DDR3 1066 MT/s (PC3-8500) CL7 Dimm
    Using onboard dual Intel Nics (Wan / Lan)

    This all feeds into a NetGear Gigabit switch with existing DD-WRT router setup as a Wireless Access Point only.

    This seems to be a popular board for the last couple years didn't see what to expect in terms of throughput between the Wan / Lan using an older Atom proc on any of the other posts.  Hoping to be able to get as much of that 200 across as possible.

    Thanks to all for any responses!

    Forgot to say that this will not have any packages installed just a vanilla pfSense install for Firewall / Port Forwarding use.  No VPN or packet inspection.  Only possible other use may be proxy just to cache some of the frequently visited pages.

  • Did anyone have any opinions or suggestions for my possible choices?

    I appreciate any feedback.  Thanks!

  • It will probably be fine especially with pfsense 2.2

  • @gsargent

    I have limited experience myself, but I think that will be a good selection for home use especially if you are not going to be using Open VPN for encryption. if you fancy to, you can probably run NAT and packages like packet sniffing (snort) and proxy (squid) without putting the 200Mbps at risk. As you are looking to maintain that level of throughput there a lot of boards that will do that, including the one you selected.  As you are planning to run proxy I'm not sure the SATA 2 ports will slow anything down noticeably enough compared to SATA 3 unless you have more than 4 or 5 concurrent users. In short, I think your good!

  • @gsargent:

    Only possible other use may be proxy just to cache some of the frequently visited pages.

    I think you will hope the mighty Stephen will see your thread, as he is the Master of hardware choices  ;D

  • hi,

    i just finish my mini home fw (case:19cmx19cmx5cm) just now! Here some spec info

    Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 1037U @ 1.80GHz
    2 CPUs: 1 package(s) x 2 core(s)
    4 Go ram
    SSD 16 Go
    2 LAN onboard (1000baseT <full-duplex>)

    I use havp+squid+darkstat. It works great :)

    Have fun!</full-duplex>

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