How can I configure OPT1 like LAN?

  • Hello,
    I'm trying to setup two different networks to use the same pfsense (version 1.0.1) computer to access internet, the computer has 3 interfaces (labelled WAN, LAN and OPT1), as soon as I configured the lan interface with a static ip address ( and enabled the dhcp server, all the computers in the same subnet managed to browse the www.
    At this point I plugged a cable into the OPT1 Interface and configured it as static ( and enabled the dhcp server even on that interface.
    Tried to ping from a LAN address to another OPT1 address, success, I can ping from lan to OPT1.
    Then I unplugged my laptop from the LAN hub and plugged it on the OPT1 hub, the dhcp worked well, assigning to my laptop (as for the LAN network, but with ips in the network) an address in right network, I can ping other computers in the same OPT1 network, but from here I'm lost, from the OPT1 network I cannot ping nor the pfsense computer (using it's OPT1 address), neither the computers on the LAN network, and cannot browse the internet.
    I've even tried to access the admin web interface of pfsense from the OPT1 network, but I cannot (I could have inferred this from the fact that I cannot even ping pfsense computer!).
    I tried to add the NAT from WAN to (OPT1 network), but nothing changed, then I added some rules to the WAN tab and OPT1 tab that basically state that every traffic is allowed, but nothing changed as well.
    How could I setup two networks on two different interfaces of the pfsense computer to behave lake LANs? Thank you for the answer.

  • 1.0.1 is not supported.
    –> Update to 1.2

    You just need to setup a rule on OPT1 that allows traffic. No need to do any NAT rules.
    If you're not sure on how to achieve that:
    please post screenshots of the rules you have right now and i can tell you what you need to change.

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