Multi WAN, Squid with CARP Hardware Redundency

  • Hi All,

    This is Sankha, I am pfsense user since 8 months. I just want to configure hardware redundancy for my pfsense box. I have 2 wan connectivity. One from ADSL+ Broadband Connection and another one is Lease Line. Broadband terminates to my firewall via modem in bridge mode and ILL directly ends to my firewall. I am using 3 LAN cards. One LAN and rest two for WAN. Now if I going to configure the carp redundancy where I have to put the vips(WAN and LAN). Especially the wan vips. Also how I connect the backup pfsense box with my existing connection. May I have to use a separate switch? I am googling this topics for 2 days, but cant find proper answer. Need a complete suggestion for this. Can you please help me to clear this concept. I ll appreciate if you answer in detail. Also what about my squid and cache config. Will they sync automatically??

    I am currently following the following topic..


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