Check_reload_status high cpu

  • I've seen a couple posts on this, and have turned off the IPV6, but still get periodic high cpu loads for check_reload_status.  I watch and see that php starts with increased loads, then check_reload_status takes over.  this is causing major loss of upload capacity because it takes all the cpu on openvpn is starved.

    My upload bandwidth shows this periodic ping-ponging.  What else should I look at to fix this issue?

    I've attached my upload graph and each valley is caused by check_reload_status taking all the cpu.

    I see this in the system.log.

    Jan  6 14:02:47 pfsense squid[79496]: Squid Parent: child process 85849 exited due to signal 6
    Jan  6 14:02:47 pfsense kernel: pid 85849 (squid), uid 62: exited on signal 6
    Jan  6 14:02:50 pfsense squid[79496]: Squid Parent: child process 87417 started
    Jan  6 14:02:50 pfsense squid[87417]: Cannot open '/var/squid/logs/access.log' because  the parent directory does not exist.    Please create the directory.

    Could this be the cause?  I installed squid once, but then reverted to a newer config that didn't use squid.  Maybe there is something sitting around that is causing it to try and run?  It is not listed under my installed packages.


  • The issue with squid does appear to have been the culprit.  I'm not sure how squid got "installed', when PFSense didn't report it as installed.

    To fix, I installed squid, then removed it.  I've not had any issues since.


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