LAN unable to go out onto the internet after being up for a period of time.

  • I'm supporting a number of pfsense installations using various PCs, APU, ALIX and Soekris as the hardware base.  All except one are rock solid.

    The one that isn't has a problem where after a certain number of days being up, machines on the LAN and OPT1 seem to lose access out to the internet.  I have an OpenVPN connection to it and I can get in and see things fine through that entry.  At this site, I've used two PC Engines ALIX boxes and now an APU.

    I figured when it was just Alix, the problem was that it had run out of RAM (seeing the memory usage bar hover near 90% and occasionally seeing memory warnings/errors)  but it's happening with the APU with 4GB of RAM (without any indications of memory problems).

    Services running there are captive portal, siproxd, PPTP, OpenVPN client and server.  Opt1 runs their captive portal and is timed to shut down at 11pm EST and come back up 8am.

    I am linked up via OpenVPN there and can ping and access machines in their LAN.

    I haven't gotten as far as to be able to do any diagnostics yet as the main goal is to get them up and running during business hours.

    Vague description of the problem, I know… but if there's enough info there, I'd love an opinion or thoughts.

  • Just in addition, a graceful reboot fixes it.

    On the ALIX installations, a power cycle doesn't do it.  It'll OpenVPN connect back up to me at my office but clients on the LAN and OPT1 side can't get out.

    Today, it happened on the Alix for the first time after 50 days of uptime.

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