• Hi,

    Just installed 1.2. It appears that OpenNTPD is not working. I am trying to use pfSense OpenNTPD as the time sycn for the other computers on my local network (Windows, Linux, etc)

    The ntpd.conf show junk.

    ntpd appears to be running.

    ps -aux | grep ntp

    _ntp      8309  0.0  0.1  1344  1056  ??  I    7:58PM  0:00.00 ntpd: ntp engine (ntpd)
    root      8310  0.0  0.1  1376  1052  ??  Ss    7:58PM  0:00.00 ntpd: [priv] (ntpd)
    root    10035  0.0  0.0  372  252  p0  R+    8:13PM  0:00.00 grep ntp


  • Did you create a pass rule for traffic on port 123, protocol UDP for the interface(s) NTPd should serve on?

  • Yes my NTPD service is on the LAN interface, so in the LAN rules I created a rule that looks like:

    Proto    Source      Port      Destination      Port              Gateway
    UDP  LAN net  *  LAN address  123 (NTP)  *

  • On the NTP server tab you have to enable it and assign the IFs to be serviced. But you probably did that as well.

  • It takes a long time for OpenNTPd to provide time sync.  Where I find that the ISC ntpd can sync the time and act as a time source within a minute or so, the OpenNTPd version can take half an hour or more - I'm pretty sure you'll find a few threads about this if you search.

    You may just have to be very patient.

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