Virtual IPs have route with Netif=lo0?

  • I started with a 1 WAL, 1 LAN pfSense installation with a DSL ISP and 5 static IP addresses and I'm migrating to a cable connection also with 5 static IP addresses.  To do this as a smooth transition I added a NIC card to the system and moved the DSL WAN to the new nic card so now my DSL is on em0 via PPPOE, my LAN on re1, and the new Cable WAN is re0.

    I've now got the cable WAN as my default gateway and currently my servers are still working via the DSL static IPs.  Like I had with my DSL static IPs I've set up Virtual IPs for the Cable connection and set up the NAT forwarding rules.  So as far as I can tell the incoming connections to my servers should be working via the Cable static IPs, but they're not.

    The odd thing I've noticed is when I look at the table of routes, every one of the Cable static IPs is listed as a destination with lo0 as the Netif  - this sounds incorrect to me, shouldn't it be re0?  None of the DSL static IPs has a line in the routes listing table.

    So assuming this is the root cause of why I can't connect in via the Cable static IPs I'm trying to figure out where these route entries came from and how I can get rid of them.  At one point I deleted the Cable WAN connection and then set it up again, so I'm wondering if these routes are coming from the time when the virtual IPs existed while the interface did not, but I've since deleted the Virtual IPs and recreated them and the lo0 routes are still there.  I even backed up and restored the entire config file to see if maybe pfSense had some configuration artifacts which would be cleaned out by wiping with a config file restoration, but that didn't make a difference.

    It feels like I'm almost there and assuming these routes are the issue I just need to understand where they came from.  Can anyone shed some light on this?

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