802.1q VID=0 packets dropped?

  • Yesterday I had fiber optic internet installed in my house consisting of an Alcatel-Lucent ONT feeding a PACE 5168N Gateway.  I want to replace the gateway with my pfSense box (PC Engines APU) to avoid the extra layer of NAT that the PACE box imposes.

    The problem is that all incoming packets from the ONT are 802.1q tagged with VID=0, which means the tag only conveys prioritization information and that the packet does not belong in a VLAN.  pfSense is not processing these packets.  If I add an ethernet switch in between the ONT and my pfSense box, the tags get stripped and everything works perfectly (it is just a vanilla DHCP WAN connection.)

    So, how do I get pfSense to tolerate these priority-only 802.1q packets?  I have VLANs running on another interface on this box, and that works perfectly.  The interfaces on this box are Realtek RTL8111E.

    Any help appreciated.  Thanks.

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