Limiting Download Bandwidth of WAN(s)

  • Hi Dear all!

    I have MultiWAN loadblancing configured in Pfsense. Bandwidth here is very expensive and have so many restrictions, like i have to pay 'fine' if my WAN's download bandwidth cross the limit of 300gb in a month. I have MutliWAN and i want to know if there is any way to do this in pfsense that in 30days interval, if any WAN cross the 280gb download limit it gets disabled or such figures shown to me easily in pfsense.

    Thanks in advance ;)

  • I'm not aware of anything in pfSense that would disable an interface based on some threshold.  There are a couple of dashboard widgets that will show you the traffic totals, but I don't know how often they reset and there are no configuration options.  Status - RRD Summary (an add-on package that is not installed by default) gives details & totals per interface and starts at the first of the month.

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