Upgrade from console ; php error

  • Firmware upgrade in progress…

    Enter an option: 13

    Starting the pfSense console firmware update system..

    1. Update from a URL
    2. Update from a local file
      Q) Quit

    Please select an option to continue: 1

    Enter the URL to the .tgz or .img.gz update file.
    Type 'auto' to use https://snapshots.pfsense.org/FreeBSD_releng/10.1/amd64/pfSense_RELENG_2_2/.updaters//latest.tgz


    Fetching file...  100%
    Fetching sha256...
    URL sha256: 2ecef08e2fdba735ba893f9d27a46f7301dc28b2b6fd31fb1875fde68c44e9c4

    Downloaded file sha256: 2ecef08e2fdba735ba893f9d27a46f7301dc28b2b6fd31fb1875fde68c44e9c4

    sha256 checksum matches.


    This image is not digitally signed.

    This means that the image you uploaded is not an official/supported image and
    may lead to unexpected behavior or security compromises.

    Only install images that come from sources that you trust, and make sure
    that the image has not been tampered with.

    Do you want to install this image anyway at your own risk [n]?y

    Continuing upgrade…
    One moment please...

    Broadcast Message from root@pfSense.localdomain                               
            (no tty) at 22:33 EET...

    Firmware upgrade in progress...

    Broadcast Message from root@pfSense.localdomain                               
            (no tty) at 22:33 EET...

    Firmware upgrade is complete. Rebooting in 10 seconds.

    Done.  Rebooting...

    PHP ERROR: Type: 2, File: /etc/inc/util.inc, Line: 107, Message: unlink(/var/run/firmwarelock.dirty): No such file or directory* Welcome to pfSense 2.2-RC-pfSense (amd64) on pfSense *****

    WAN (wan)      -> em0        -> v4:
    LAN0 (lan)      -> alc0      -> v4:
    LAN1 (opt1)    -> alc1      -> v4:
    LAN2 (opt2)    -> alc2      ->
    LAN3 (opt3)    -> alc3      ->
    LAN4 (opt4)    -> alc4      ->
    LAN5 (opt5)    -> alc5      ->
    LAN6 (opt6)    -> alc6      ->
    LAN7 (opt7)    -> alc7      ->
    0) Logout (SSH only)                  9) pfTop

    1. Assign Interfaces                10) Filter Logs
    2. Set interface(s) IP address      11) Restart webConfigurator
    3. Reset webConfigurator password    12) pfSense Developer Shell
    4. Reset to factory defaults        13) Upgrade from console
    5. Reboot system                    14) Disable Secure Shell (sshd)
    6. Halt system                      15) Restore recent configuration
    7. Ping host                        16) Restart PHP-FPM
    8. Shell

    Enter an option:                                                                               
    *** FINAL System shutdown message from root@pfSense.localdomain ***

    System going down IMMEDIATELY

  • This seems to be fixed on latest versions thank you for reporting.

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