Installing curl package on embedded 2.2?

  • First of all, wanted to just say how awesome pfsense is.  I'm evaluating it to switch from my existing Asus N16.  The performance on a N2930 powered Jetway  is phenomenal (90Mb/s Openvpn=30% on one core)  I do have one more thing to solve before I can replace my router, though;  I use a PIA VPN, and you need a script to handle automatic port forward updates.  I see a recent openssh is included in 2.2's nanobsd, which is one prerequisite, but I know curl isn't.  Although fetch is included, from what I can tell (and you can correct me if I'm wrong,) it won't do a "post" method, like "curl -d"

    Having a post method is really useful for scripts having remote communication to web enabled applications, generally.  I'm intending to support pfsense if I can get this working in a production sense.

    I'm basically an low-intermediate linux user, although that's mostly with ubuntu.  I understand that "sideloading" packages into the embedded pfsense isn't supported, per se, and I'm prepared to fix whatever might break by trying this.

    So, is this possible, and if so, could you give me some pointers on how I might achieve it?

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    See the 2.2 section here:

    pkg install curl

    On NanoBSD you will need to switch the disk to RW first.

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