[backplane switching] recommendation for performance switching between subnets

  • hi everyone,
    could you help me about build  a pfsense for : filtering,monitoring and switching as layer 3 switching.. i have a problem with that..i dont know pfsense suppport if rate switching about 3Gps or 1 million pps
    and help me in supporting Hardware recommendation or other method
    I m planning to use 4 NIC for each NIC have 1 Vlan
    the VLAN10 : 10 server ( web, sql, domain, dns etc…)
          VLAN20 : 100 user ( Lan internal)
          VLAN30 : Callcenter
          WAN : 60Mbps/60Mbps
    Thank you so much and sorry about my English 's not good .

    Thank you


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    Curious to hear other answers.  My gut says that if you don't need firewall rules between your VLANs, use a good, layer 3 switch.  You're going to need things like DHCP helpers, etc.  The proper domain of a switch.  Create a 4th VLAN going to pfSense and let it firewall your 60/60 WAN, at which it will excel.

  • thanks for your advice,
    so i want firewall between subnets for monitoring, filtering and bandwidth management, what should i do ?
    i have to approve some rules from subnets to Server
    i could use ACL and port minoring on switch layer 3 instead,is that ok ?

    thank you

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    I don't know that pfSense won't do it.  You'll certainly have to throw some hardware at it.  One million pps?  Really?

    I'd wait for others to answer or call ESF/netgate.

  • do you think about pf sense all in one ( routing, switching and firewall ) depend on hardware PC ??
    maybe i like sorfware more than hardware, some hardware device like cisco, juniper … with high price

    thank you for helping me

  • I've got posts around here somewhere that say I hit a single-stream wall at ~2.4Gbit/s through my pfSense boxes w/ Intel X520 NICs.  That was with 2.1.something though, not 2.2 which includes newer drivers and multi-threaded pf.  I'd expect better there.  With multiple connections I did better, I think 3.something Gbit/s but I can't remember.  I'll redo my tests once 2.2 goes gold.

  • hi jason litka,
    srr about my absent
    could you hepl me this topo :https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=86714.0
    and performance with my hardware i posted above link

    im looking forward to hearing from u

    thank you

    skype: buivietha6187

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