SIP Phone Registration Failover

  • What I need to do is fairly simple (I think), I need a SIP phone to always register to IP address A until it goes offline, then I need it to failover to B and then C if needed. I am aware that some phones have two IP address failover built in, but not all do, and I need three failover IP's. I also need to control this in the router, not on each phone. That way changes can be controlled via the router and not require a update on each phone.

    I tried creating several host overrides entries but the url's had to be unique. I also tried the advanced field under Services –> DNS Forwarder and added this entry "address=/" and this seemed to work. When I disconnected the server at .105 the phone registered to the .106 address. However when .105 came back online the phone stayed registered to .106 (not what I wanted).

    I am not sure the DNS Forwarded section is the right one so I am posting in the general thread. I can't help but think that I am not the first person wanting to do something like this but maybe I am wrong. Any helpful suggestions would be welcome.

    Lastly if this can't be done in pfSense but someone knows of another hardware device that can do it please don't be shy about recommendations.

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