Bridge connection not working

  • dear all,

    i posted this probelm before but not get the answer now i am posting agiain with screenshot please help.

    i install dd wrt on tplinek 841nd router and bridge with bullet 2hp. i can reach across the bridge and can ping any device both side of the bridge.. my laptop and mobile can get the ip form pfsense box.

    but when try to ping or any other site resolving host probelm came.

    but when i telent the tp router and from telnet window i can ping the and any other site.

    i have attached screenshots for setting and pings please have look

  • You appear to have a DNS problem.  I don't know why you're posting screens of DD-WRT.  This isn't the forum for support for that.

    Can you ping if you use the IP address for instead of the FQDN?  What DNS are you using for your clients?  How do you have pfSense configured for DNS?

  • i  posted the screenshot in ddwrt forum setting are correct got feedback may b problem with pfsense thatsy i posted here

  • Netgate Administrator

    Original thread for reference:

    In the last post in that thread the result I was expecting was that there would be reduced or no connectivity at the dd-wrt box. The fact that there isn't implies that somehow the wireless and wired parts of the dd-wrt box are not connecting purely at layer 2.

    I'm not familiar with dd-wrt but it looks like you might have the wrong wireless mode selected. The connection shouldn't be routed.


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