Port forwarding to FreeNAS jails

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    I'm about to attempt to do this but I have a few questions beforehand. I'm hoping someone here has done the same with FreeNAS. I have 5 jails setup on my FreeNAS and I'm unsure if i need to forward to the actual IP of the FreeNAS box or to the Jail IP or if I need to set forwarding rules up between freeNAS and the jail as well? Can't find any guides anywhere online of someone explaining this.

    Another thing that confused me was that when I set DHCP leases up to the jails I noticed that there was two instances of MAC addresses for each jail. I guessed I needed to do it to the permanent ones but I'm not sure how this might affect things?

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    I just did this.  This is no different than port forwarding to any host on your network.

    I have a jail on  It has an ssh server listening on TCP/22.

    This forwards inbound connections to WAN address:8022 to

    ![Port Forward.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/Port Forward.png)
    ![Port Forward.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Port Forward.png_thumb)

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    Yep, if those IPs are accessible directly from pfSense, and since they're in the same subnet the should be, then forward to the jail address.


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    Naturally, I enabled the automatic firewall rule creation on the NAT entry.  It's just cut off.

  • Why does freenas create two different MAC addresses for the created jails? (my screenshot above)  So if you're then to create a static IP address for that jail how does this effect things? I just created them with the permanent MAC, but it left me wondering.

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