Lost all network interface configurations after removing PPPoE configuration

  • I removed my routers PPPoE client configuration from WAN and lost all network interface configurations.

    1. I disconnected the PPPoE interface from the menu Status: Interfaces.

    2. I assigned WAN to network interface em0 and removed the PPPoE interface from the Interfaces: PPPs configuration.

    3. I changed WAN IPv4 Configuration Type from PPPoE to Static IPv4.

    I noticed that it was impossible to bring up WAN Interface, so I rebooted pfSense. After that I had to completely reconfigure all network interfaces.

     WAN (wan)       -> em0        -> v4: 81.xx.xx.xx/24
     LAN (lan)       -> bridge0    -> v4:
     LAN1 (opt1)     -> em1        -> 
     LAN2 (opt2)     -> em2        -> 
     LAN3 (opt3)     -> em3        -> 
     LAN4 (opt4)     -> em4        -> 
     LAN5 (opt5)     -> em5        -> 

  • Netgate Administrator

    Possibly you didn't save the config at some point or you may have found an obscure bug. If pfSense finds one of the interfaces referenced in the config file is missing it will drop to the initial interface setup dialogue. Looks like that's what happened.


  • I did save the config, but maybe I did not reconfigure in the correct order.

  • Netgate Administrator

    That's probably true but you'd like to think it shouldn't be possible to do that.


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