Limiter info page doesnt show any IP

  • i have 2 limiters and have assigned them to certain clients and all works fine except the limiter info page doesnt show any ip, it was like this since 2.1.5

  • Same here - I just checked on a 2.1.5 system - I am downloading from a client that is allocated to a slow limiter, the client download running at the limiter speed - so the limiter is taking effect.
    But "/sbin/ipfw queue show" returns nothing, and "/sbin/ipfw pipe show" returns the type of output that xbipin shows above - sometimes has IP address/port reported.

    Tried same thing on 2.2-RC built on Thu Jan 08 03:25:56 CST 2015 and it is the same.

  • frankly speaking, many years back the only reason i started using pfsense was due to traffic shaping and limiters and since then limiter info hasnt shown me any ip.

    i used to use monowall and moved to pfsense due to it being feature rich and development was more active :)

  • That looks like the expected output. The is there where you aren't using a mask on the limiter.

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    If the limiter is NOT masked, you see as the IP address since that is representing the one "bucket" of bandwidth provided by the limiter.

    If the limiter has a /32 mask you'll see one entry per masked IP address since they each have separate allocations.

    If it's masked per subnet, you'll see one entry per subnet.


  • so isnt there any way to display something more useful when its not masked, like i have a fixed upload speed which a few clients share using the limiter and not a certain speed per client

  • Limiters aren't a bandwidth reporting solution.

  • ok, the other problem with limiters is suppose u have upnp enabled and suppose if any program on client machine like utorrent etc opens a port then those limiters are bypassed

  • after setting a source ip mask on the limiter i noticed a lot of entries in systenlog as below, i guess the verbosity needs to be reduced a little

    Jan 10 13:30:02 	kernel: Bump sched buckets to 256 (was 0)
    Jan 10 13:30:02 	kernel: Bump sched buckets to 256 (was 0)
    Jan 10 13:45:01 	kernel: Bump sched buckets to 256 (was 0)
    Jan 10 13:45:01 	kernel: Bump sched buckets to 256 (was 0)

    actually i have a match rule with the limiter set and scheduled for a specific time but outside of the time also the limiter seems to still restrict bandwidth

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