Limit Speed based on port number

  • Hi,

    I have pfSense at a data center location and also PF at branch locations IPsec together in a mesh. This works very well and rock solid.

    I have a windows VPN server running behind the pfSense with ports forwarded for the "road warriors", they use the windows VPN client and their AD credentials. It's something i'm unwilling to change as retraining people to use another VPN client wont be a very easy task. These users dial in and can access the network and their profiles.

    The problem is, when someone logs onto the VPN with a 4GLTE or a 3G connection for that matter. They use up too much bandwidth and thus all their data allowance, all of a sudden users are saving large files to the network remotely… because they can, and quickly!

    I need to restrict the speed from circa 50MB/s down to 5-6 MB/s on the forwarded port numbers.

    I'm unsure how to do this. i have setup QoS before however it's not really a priority sort of setup I need, more of a restricting setup.

    Any ideas?

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