DHCP won't start with Virtual IP Alias on interface

  • I have a bridged interface with a bunch of VLAN interfaces on it.

    The IP address on bridge0 is

    DHCP is serving leases on bridge0 from - This is working fine.

    However, if I add a virtual IP alias to the bridge0 interface, DHCP fails to start.

    DHCP error log gives me the following:

    Jan  9 19:03:00 t31 dhcpd: bad range, address not in subnet netmask

    For some reason, DHCPD is trying to bind on my virtual IP alias, not the real bridge0 IP.

    I don't need DHCP to serve on the subnet, as they're all just access points with static IPs. I need to add this VIP to manage those APs from WAN.

    Is this a bug, or an intended function?

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