Cannot login on HTTP, but can on HTTPS, with FQDN

  • I recently set the option back to HTTP login instead of HTTPS.
    Figuring since it's only home use, and no access from the WAN, and only a signed certificate I might as well revert to HTTP and not get the message about the certificate not being alright.

    With HTTPS I can login with the FQDN (pfsense.weust.local) whereas with HTTP I can't.
    I can then only login with the IP address.

    I tried switched it back and forth, but it just won't let me access the webconfigurator on HTTP.
    Using SSH with the FQDN does work.

    What could I be missing? Rules all seem ok to me. Nothing blocking port 80.
    Default rules for LAN are there.

  • Problem isn't with pfSense, but the desktop.
    On the iPad i can open the webpage fine.

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