No .local domain? What about domain.local?

  • I have an AD domain that was fully configured before I added in my pfsense router. I see in the domain name settings that it says not to use .local. Well does that include a domain name like gamer.local ? I would prefer not to have to change this up if at all possible.

  • You can use .local if you want, if it's working for you now it won't be a problem. We just recommend against it because if you have anything that uses mDNS, doing so will cause problems. That's true with everything, your current network would cause problems for mDNS-enabled devices.

  • Banned

    No problem with .local as long as you stay clear of Bitten Fruit®™ products for mental sanity's sake.  :P

  • Something else to bear in mind is that the latest update to MacOS (version 8.0.2, I believe) cannot bind to AD/Samba connections to a domain ending in a .local suffix. So if you have any Mac users, you might want to reconsider leaving  your .local setting as is.

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