Traffic statistics wrong in multiple WAN environment?

  • Recently, I noticed some strange traffic statistics there.

    I have 4 pppoe connections set, 3 of them are grouped for internet surfing, leave the last one for downloading. In the interface status page, you can see a unusual huge data packets going out of the WAN interface(pppoe0), even there is not much data flow out. And for the last connection(PT interface, pppoe3), there is a incredibly little number of packets going out, which is not possible.

    By the way, WAN(pppoe0) is the default gateway, and firewall rules for transmission to use the last connection is OK I think.

    ![Traffic Graph_WAN1_PT.PNG](/public/imported_attachments/1/Traffic Graph_WAN1_PT.PNG)
    ![Traffic Graph_WAN1_PT.PNG_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Traffic Graph_WAN1_PT.PNG_thumb)

  • I dunno, in packets on the LAN and out packets on the WAN seem to match up. Are you sure a cloud backup service or something or one large upload isn't responsible for this?

  • Ok, let's do a simple math.

    According to my firewall rules posted above, all transmission traffic out should go through PT interface, right?  And the upload speed was limited to 120kB/s, and the real speed is above 110kB/s, let's say 100kB/s, then please note that my pfsense is up about 14 hours for now, total uploaded data should be 146060*100kB/1024/1024=4.8GB. Please check the attached image, and see the out packets statistics, it's only 537.67MB. Obviously not right.

    Besides, there is no cloud service or something else that will upload data.

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