Ha proxy-devel client certificates optional

  • I was trying to use haproxy-devel with client certificates. The directive for certificates states 'verify optional' rather than 'verify required', which seems counterintuitive.

    Could the package be changed so that this is the default when using client certificates? Otherwise users may be confused when they can access protected sites without the relevant certificate.

    I've worked around this option by specifying 'verify required' in the bind options from within the front end configuration.

  • When creating this i choose to do it like this and allow for using acl's like 'SSL client certificate valid.' to be used for selecting the normal backend, or redirecting to a custom 'error' backend. Ill have to re-check if it actually works like i intended (i don't actually use it myself)..
    It does seem that i forgot to implement the 'none' option which can be selected for a , which i intended to allow for switching between 'optional' and 'required'.

    Thanks for your sharing your opinion and experience with haproxy-devel, it will take me a while before i get to this though. Put your item on my list of items to check/improve. Thanks.

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