Best / easiest embed system to use

  • I have a client that I'm wanting to get hooked up with a pfSense box.  I was originally looking at building him a sff (matx) machine, but then started thinking about the embedded systems that are out there.  Are there any cons to going the embedded route (any packages that can't by used, reliability, functionality, etc.).  Also, as i've never gone this route before, what would be the recommend embedded system to use and what "add ons" would i need to get for it.  I was looking over at the PC engines stuff, but there is way to much to look at and i'm not quite sure what is needed.

    Little bit of info.
    Customer is running a small domain (W2K3 SBS) with about 15 client machines (possibly expanding, but not sure to what extent).  Email is being hosted out of house at the moment, but may eventually come in house.  Internet connection is DSL, but i'm not sure at what speed (i want to say it is 150KB/s in and out).

    If i can provide any more info to help, let me know.

  • I have a very similar setup.  I have sbs with 5 pc's at one site and a second server that has ten pc's there.  I use pfsence with pentium d with 1 gb of ram on a dell 440 with two gb adapters.  It works great.  I have a 3 meg by 512k adsl connection.  it works great.  I am using web, untangle, ftp internal and external, IPSEC on top of all that  and I forgot snort.  I loive pfsense.

    I have a loaner dual pIII 450 with 256 meg of ram and have carried it serveral place and used it when a customer firewall fails.  They love it.  it really fast.

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