Process "Killed" on ALIX 2c

  • Hi

    I am new to pfsense and have installed 2.2 on an ALIX 2c 128MB.  Connection via serial using putty on Windows Vista.

    After install I was trying to reconfigure the LAN IP and I kept running into


    during the process.  I eventualy won after a half dozen trys, 1 restart and 1 shutdown.

    I also got killed trying to reboot.  It brought me back to the menu, but did reboot.

    I can now get to the gui.  I do not know enough yet to say what does and does not work, but I can get to the internet.

    There are no add-on cards.  I hope to run OpenVPN

    Please let me know if there are any other validations I can do on this issue.

  • How much real memory does that hardware have?
    Killed likely means it is running out of real memory and some process that is trying to start or get some more memory has died.
    Edit: now I see you already wrote 128MB - as cmb says, not supported, and it would not have worked in 2.1.* either.

  • Systems with 128 MB RAM aren't supported, especially with an ALIX where it has no swap. You're running out of RAM.

  • thanks

    I missed the hardware requirements.

    Does this in any way explain the continuously flashing LEDS?

  • Yes, the LEDs are put in that flashing sequence when the pfSense startup script commences (after the initial FreeBSD base boot). When the pfSense startup scripts completes nicely, it resets the LEDs back to just the power LED being on.
    So that flashing sequence for a long time means the boot did not complete cleanly - in your case processes will have been "Killed" somewhat randomly along the way, and possibly even the boot script itself got killed.

  • Thanks

    That explains a lot (ie why I was having problems loading/installing packages)

    I'll just add this HW to the boat anchor collection, though I'm not even sure it will work for that.

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