Restoring only selected parts from backup

  • Let's say I'd want to reinstall my pfsense box from scratch but restore specific configurations like DNS and DHCP.
    I guess this can't be done with the xml file generated from the WebGUI.
    What else would I need to backup (in the file system) in order to be able to restore configurations selectively?

    Thank you

  • I jumped into pfsense like 2 monts ago as I really thought it could replace my openwrt - at least on my x86 machines.
    :o Now I'm kind of messed up 'cause I built a kind of huge setup with all dhcpv6 prefix delegation to multiple subnets / vlans.
    Freeradius for my access points - yeah running some openwrts still :-)
    Openvpn for external users.
    Local DNS with everything like this you know.

    But I'm getting all these really strange and messy behaviours.

    1. OpenVPN eating RAM because of some loop.
    2. Freeradius constantly generating new certificates / CA and stuff, which makes the wifi clients to function very poorly. Even system restarts necessary.

    It all went quite good until  I restored a backup, but I went from Realtek to e1000 which seemed to be like a good idea. But new NICs, new names I just replaced the rtls with the e1000s in the ASCII file, but as if remember correctly no parts in some certificates. But even how, there must be a way to fix this.

    Please someone help me! I really would love continuing with pfsense 'cause it really is fun.  :-*

  • I'm going to answer the first question, and pretend I didn't see the second post.
    To restore selected parts of the config, you must backup selected parts of the config.
    e.g. Go to backup and change Backup Area from ALL to 'DHCP Server', then on the new box select Restore Area 'DHCP Server' and select your backup file.

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