Siproxd setup, hmm, need to get my head around it…

  • Ok, so we have a public SIP account at our phone provider.
    eg: with which the phones use a password

    I want to use the siproxd to move my SIP phones behind the pfsense firewall, thus saving a couple of public IP's.

    The phone I've been experimenting with is the SNOM softphone. I want to make sure this works before I move the actual phones.

    First of I need to understand the settings in the package.
    Inbound Interface: LAN
    Outbound Interface: WAN


    Listening Port 5060
    RTP enabled

    Port range 7070-7089 -> created firewall rule to allow incoming traffic to WAN on these ports.

    Do I need to set more up for the proxy?

    On a public IP I must enter the following in the phone:
    Account (phonenumber: 12345678)
    SIP Registrar (

    Should I change these somehow?

    This doesn't work however.

    I've created a DNS entry called which point to my firewall's LAN IP.
    Should I change the SIP Registrar to this, or???

    I hope someone can help me out on this…

    Best regards

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