How can I find out why my box spontaneously reboots?

  • G'day  :-[


    • Freshly installed 2.1.5, last week.
    • Packages: Radius2, mailreport, ntopng, nut, RRD summary, service watchdog, vnstat2.
    • Dual WAN, in failover.
    • Happy watchin pron ( 8) ), just right were she was going to take of her jacket ( ;D ): internet down.
    • Login: nope. Walk over to the console: box is rebooting.
    • Waiting for a crash report: there's none there.
    • Something caused this reboot. How can I tell, from what log, why that was?
    • 't Happened before right before the fresh install too (many times). I know 'bad hardware could be it', but before I take this box offline to go about testing with all kinds of (vague  ??? ) 'open source hardware boot disks', I'd expect the Mighty BSD to have logged somewhere why it decided to reboot itself (a 16GB memtest isn't fun to wait for, and then all these other DOS'alike bootdisks that promiss you to test everything yet always exit with 'all ok').
      Thank you in advance for any replies very much  ;D


  • That's a full install with swap space? Assuming so, no crash report after a spontaneous reboot is almost certainly a hardware problem (if it didn't lose power at least). An OS-induced reboot will be a kernel panic, which will leave you with a crash report.

  • Thank you sir  ;D

    I've been fiddling with the network card tweaks (apparently I had some, but according to the forum not all). I think the problem has gone away like a fart in the wind ( ;D ;D ;D )

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