Multi-WAN and HTTPS

  • Current Setup: Intel Xeon, 8 Gig RAM, 4 WANs, 1 LAN

    Hi everyone, my pfsense box is setup to load - balance four (4) adsl lines all of which are set as tier 1 in the group named "LoadBalance"
    Lately, users have been experiencing very slow loading of certain sites like yahoo, CapitalOne and other online banking, booking sites.

    My suspicion is that the sites might be seeing our traffic as an attack or do not like load-balanced connections.

    Is there a way to NAT all four public IPs to a single public IP while still maintaining Load Balancing ?


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    That would be aggregation, not load balancing.

    IF you have four DSL lines from the same provider and that provider supports Multi-Link PPP (MLPPP) then you can get true bonding/aggregation which looks like one large pipe with one IP address that has the sum total bandwidth of all lines.

    But support for that is rare at the ISP level.

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