Hardware for pfSense and VirtualBox

  • Hello guys, i'm trying a new setup at the office using a Dell Poweredge 2850 - 2x Intel Xeon 3Ghx, 4Gb ram, 74Gb SCSI, 3xLAN. Here i have Windows 7 Ultimate installed and Virtualbox. Emulated a FreeBsd machine installed pfSense, imported the config from the current server, small adjustments and now all working BUT the CPU load never drops under 10% and when i start a download the CPU load goes up until 100%.

    And this is just for 1 client,

    Is there a problem because i run pfSense in VirtualBox? Is the PC config low to run this setup?


  • hardware is fine.

    format, load esxi and start again…

  • Netgate Administrator

    People are running in VirtualBox though. Where are you measuring the cpu load?
    PfSense version? VB version?

    Probably best to ask in 'Virtualization installations and techniques' though.


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