J1800 build up and running despite wonky BIOS

  • parts used-
    motherboard- http://www.foxconnchannel.com/ProductDetail.aspx?T=motherboard&U=en-us0000622
    2nd NIC- http://www.rosewill.com/products/945/ProductDetail_Overview.htm
    4 gigs ram
    pico PSU
    WD Black 320GB, soon to be replaced with an SSD

    It was hell messing w the bios, at first everything loaded but I got "TMP absurd" message making the console a PIA to use so I updated the bios from ver 02 to 04 which is a bit of a PIA too and all that did was break AHCI. so I went to ver 03 and noticed my PCIe NIC was gone so back to ver 02 bios and then I edited the config file to get rid of the TMP warning. So now it looks pretty good!

    I have 18mb down, 2 mb up internet, I think this system will work for me. I though tabout geting an Intel dual port PCIe lan card but the slot on this board is only x1 so would that be worth the trouble?

    This is for my home we have about 15 devices on the network, smart TV, cell phones, computers, NAS4Free server. Would I see any benefit to running Squid? Would this system handle it?

    Thanks for your help.

  • Netgate Administrator

    That hardware should be more than sufficient to run Squid as long as you don't set a huge cache size. However you probably won't see much advantage unless you have a lot of replicated downloads. The modern web is so dynamically generated that cache hits are usually low.
    It will depend on your usage of course but personally I wouldn't. Try it and see.  :)


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