Pfsense downloads a lot and so blocks my internet connection

  • I have a very slow internet connection and today I have totally no internet for my computers. I blocked access for all users pfsense still uses all my internet resources. I use bandwithd and it doesn't show me a user consuming a lot. Is there a way to find out, what's going on? Do you need configuration data or log data? I thought of something like automatic updates, but didn't find anything. I have two pfsense firewalls running since like 4 months without problems, but today is the first time, that I get in trouble.
    The pfsense version string from dashboard:
    2.1.3-RELEASE (amd64)
    built on Thu May 01 15:52:13 EDT 2014
    Thanks for all help, Dominik

  • Since no one has responded yet, I've seen where using squid with large requested files can cause squid to want to cache the large file and bad things can happen.

    If your network is not working right now and you're using squid, you may want to try disabling it.

  • I thought of something like automatic updates

    It is Patch Tuesday, after all…

  • Thanks for your replies, the download now stopped and all works fine. It downloaded more than 500 MB I can't say it exactly, but it was really much can this be patches that large? I have squid activated, can this cause such big downloads? I will see what happens in future.
    Thanks a lot!

  • SSH in and look at /var/squid/logs/access.log and it should tell you what it was getting at the time.

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