LAGG, VLANs with Switch

  • I set up one LAGG with 20 VLANs. Two ports belong to the LAGG.

    I configured a LAG with two ports on Negear M4100, and assigned VLANs on it.

    I connected two LAN cables from pfSense to Netgear switch, but they do not seem to be talking each other.

    I am new to LAG. Am I doing something wrong?

    I connected as follows.

    Internet – pfSense --[LAG]– Switch A -- Switch B --- Switch C --- Switch D --- Computer

    My computer can manage all switches, but it does not access to pfSense. pfSense is surely online. I am assuming that my LAG setting is something wrong.

    Does anybody know what I should check to resolve this issue?

    Thank you very much.

  • Depends what you're trying to do… you have switch A, B, C and D are they all managed?  Which one is the netgear?

    Also what kind of LAGG are you doing.... link aggregation (LACP), failover, load balancing, etc?  If you're doing LACP (802.3ad), the switch has to support it and you usually have to bounce the LAGG at both ends to bring it up.

    Are you terminating your VLANs @ PFsense or on the switch?  If on PFsense, the connection to the Netgear will need to be a trunk.

    If you're terminating your VLANs on the Netgear, you'll need a separate untagged VLAN on the netgear connected to PFsense configured with an IP in the same subnet.

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