Squidguard/Web Filtering Questions

  • I have a client who is considering installing a PFSense based firewall to replace his existing Sonicwall.  The Sonicwall is providing content filtering and blacklisting services that he would need to be support by the PFSense.  I do not have much experience with Squid so I was hoping someone with experience could let me know if I can accomplish these things in Squid or any other packages.

    •        Easy to use web interface
    •        Blacklist websites for all users
    •        Allow specific users to access blacklisted websites
    •        Run a report that shows what websites a particular user has been on in a specified time period
    •        Run a report that shows the websites UserA has been on, sorted by the length of time, bandwidth usage, etc
    •        Run a report that shows a list of users, sorted by bandwidth within a specified time period (if this needs to be ran per branch location, that’s OK)
    •        Active Directory integrated so reports show usernames

    It's the Active directory tie-in and reporting features that I am trying to figure out if the PFSense and it's packages can support.  I plan to get a test setup running to play with these features but any feedback from an experienced user with these features would be extremely appreciated!

  • LightSquid can do most of the reporting you need.  I don't know about AD integration but a quick search shows this thread of interest.

  • Thanks for your reply.  I definitely have some reading/digging to do but that link appears to contain helpful information for the active directory piece.

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