Virtual PfSense and not passing traffic

  • OK, so I setup a virtual network to do some testing.

    Basically my network consists of 2 WinXP virtual machines and a PFsense VM.

    The first WinXP VM is able to access my server and PfSense box on my real network while connected through my virtual PfSense but is unable to access the internet.

    When I change the network connection on the WinXP machine it is able to access the internet just fine.

    Internet and DHCP server can be accessed through shared NAT provided by the VM app.

    Pinging appears not possible though the VM NAT app.

    Does anyone have any ideas why my virtual PfSense machine is unable to access the internet through my actual for real PfSense box?

    I'm a bit stumped and the only thing I can figure is that one of the PfSense boxes appears to be blocking traffic though nothing is showing up in the logs.

  • Have you checked the Virtualisation forum?

  • No I have not. Thank you, I didn't know it existed. I will look there.

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