Multiple Mobile IPsec profiles

  • Hello,

    I can not seem to find this information on pfSense documentation or forum.

    Is it possible for pfSense to have multiple mobile IPsec profiles ?

    I have pfSense 2.1.5 instance in AWS cloud and have a mobile IPsec VPN set up that has access to an entire VPC ( amazon network we own ). Now that I would like to set up a profile for a guest so it only has an access to one particular subnet within the VPC.

    By trying to create a new, separate one for guest, I noticed that there is no option for "Mutual PSK + Xauth" anymore and I am stuck.

  • For mobile IPsec, correct, there is only one profile.

  • Hi cmb,

    Thanks for the response and the confirmation. It is at least good to know that it is the current spec that pfSense allows only one profile for mobile IPsec ( wish it allows multiple profiles in the future ;)  ).

    I will try implementing something else for now for our guest to access.

  • It will be on the next versions for sure on 2.3

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