Splitted WAN cable from ISP

  • Not sure if this is the right section, so be nice

    Im currently in Korea,  my ISP supplies internet and tv thru one sigle wireless router they provide.

    I was able to get rid off it and use my pfsense box by cloning the mac address. I haven't figure out how to get the tv portion working, no biggie.

    The cable they have provided has 2 rj45 on one end, i tried using a regular cable but couldn't access the internet.

    The only way it work is if I plug one of the rj45 into the WAN port on the pfsense box and the second one into a switch.

    I have openvpn client setup on the pfsense box 24/7 and it seems to work fine as i get hulu and the likes without issues, also done dns leak test and it comes back clean.

    My questions, why the split cable and is there anyway to get rid off it.


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