OpenVPN failed to authenticate clients [SOLVED]

  • Running 2.2-RC (i386) built on Mon Jan 12 03:27:47 CST 2015 on my Alix box at home.

    For some reason the clients (Windows and Android) fail to connect with a failed authentication error. On the server I see this:

    Jan 15 21:21:56 openvpn[78738]: X.X.X.X:38631 TLS Auth Error: Auth Username/Password verification failed for peer
    Jan 15 21:21:56 openvpn[78738]: X.X.X.X:38631 WARNING: Failed running command (–auth-user-pass-verify): external program exited with error status: 1

    Last time I was able to connect was with the official 2.2RC build. Since then I upgraded to few nightly builds, but never tried to connect with OpenVPN until today. Nothing has changed in the OpenVPN configuration on either clients or server and I even tried to reset the vpn user password.

  • What are you authenticating to, the local user database?

    Regardless, all the auth scenarios have been tested and verified working. There was an issue with certain special characters in certain places in the password making authentication fail (like a trailing +) but those have all since been fixed.

    Check the user's ability to authenticate under Diag>Authentication.

  • I am just using the local DB and the authentication test in the diagnostics works. I restarted the OpenVPN service and created a different test user with only letters and numbers in the password and got the same error.

    Running out of ideas, I updated to the latest build (Fri Jan 16 07:51:08 CST 2015) and when it came back online it started working again. I am not sure if it was something in the update or the reboot that fixed the issue, but all is good now.


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