Why are packets are dropping everywhere?

  • the setup:
    used Single Lan multi Wan - i have one wan one lan
    3m symmetrical so i used 2.91m in wizard
    otherslow are mail protocols specifically IMAP that takes all the bw
    othershigh http

    why almost as much dropped high as low?
    why any dropped on lan?
    if I am correct in this being wrong, how do I fix?

    See attachment and thanks for any help.

  • Increase your queue lengths. They default to 50. I have my high bandwidth queues, like web browsing, in the 5,000 length range, or 2,500 for less bursty traffic, but I have 50mb.

    I also use the "codel" queue management for each queue, except for queues that shouldn't drop packets. It drops packets based on time spent in queue with a target of 5ms or less. I don't know how PFSense has it implemented, but if it's implemented to spec, just set the length to something long enough and use codel.

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