How to make apinger ping a gateway on a remote subnet?

  • I'm using pfSense at home with two WAN interfaces and one LAN. One of the WAN interfaces is a PPPoA ADSL interface connected to an ADSL 2+ modem (WAN). The apinger service correctly pings the gateway of my WAN. The OPT1 interface connects to an ADSL router via a private network. Let me illustrate - see attachment.

    I want the apinger service to ping Gateway IP1 (which it does already) and Gateway IP2 (which it doesn't). For the ADLS Router the apinger service is pinging which is on my premises and is not the actual WAN gateway IP. If I try and manually set it to Gateway IP2 I get an invalid IP address error (probably because it's a different subnet to the WAN interface?)

  • you can change the monitor ip. (system–>routing-->gateways-->edit)

  • @heper:

    you can change the monitor ip. (system–>routing-->gateways-->edit)

    Yes, I know as I mentioned I get an error if I do that - invalid IP address.

  • well its giving an error because the ip is  of a different subnet …. people use tons of monitor ip's outside their own gw subnet.

    what ip are you trying to enter ? have you tried a different browser ?

  • Hmmm I just tried again and it worked OK, not sure what I did wrong. Maybe I'll delete this thread.

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