How to install with raid-1 (mirroring)

  • Hi,

    I'm install pfsense on new PC : "asrock 4CoreDual-SATA2" (

    if RAID is active in BIOS, pfSense say that no hard disk are present !

    when I desactive RAID, pfSense see 2 HDD.

    idea ?  ???

  • This post might be of use to you :-

    HP DL320 G5



  • I've solved the problem, here is the solution :

    • activate RAID in BIOS (F2 for my MB)
    • create array for raid-1 with motherboard utility (ctrl+z on qwerty and ctrl+w on azerty)
    • return in BIOS and desactivate RAID (=> "non raid")
    • launch pfSense installation

    pfSense see 3 HDD : 2 in SATA and the RAID ! select the raid and all is ok !

    I don't understand where raid is managed (OS or motherboard ?).

    I've try to create some file and unplug on disk : raid is ok (file is on both disks)

    no explication, just a solution… if someone can explain ?  ???

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