Cant see other Wifi Clients.

  • I have been wrestling with this for the last 6 months and havent come up with a fix for it.
    I have a pfsense box running with 2 lan cards and one wifi card.
    First Lan card is setup to recieve the WAN connection from my cable modem.
    Second Lan card is setup for the Lan network.
    and the Wifi card is setup for the wifi.

    The config i have is for adapters in the interface tab
    WAN DC0
    LAN BRIDGE0 (wifi)
    Wifi ral0
    OPT2 DC1

    Bridge0 includes Wifi and OPT2

    Opt2 is setup as a dchp server handing out ips to the LAN network.

    In the wifi interface i have the Allow intra-BSS communication button checked and i have the System turntables set to 0 and set to 1.

    all Wired connected machines can see other wired machines.
    all wireless can see wired machines.
    but wireless cant see wireless.

    I have read a few people post about it and they said there in the isolated mode, and where able to change it but didnt say how.

    If somebody could give me a hand to get my wifi clients to see each other on my wifi card that would be great.

    Comments of why not just plug a wireless router/AP into pfsense can be skipped.  Pfsense can work with the Wifi card that is in it, and im not going to by a $50 AP/router to make it work.

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    If you have intra-ssid enabled and wi-fi clients can't see each other, get a real AP for your wi-fi clients or try another wi-fi card.

    Nothing on you but my bias is showing:

    I spend my days maintaining a Ruckus network.  2200 hotel rooms, 300,000 sqft of exhibit/meeting space. 700-ish APs.

    When people insist on hardwire, I'm like "why?"

    I never knew wi-fi could work so well.  Yes, it's spendy, but the shit works.

    And all of the traffic originated on the wi-fi network is ultimately handled by pfSense.

  • It kind of stinks that the card I have, the chipset is one that works with pfsense and is listed on the cards that work.  I guess somebody is dropping the ball on the card testing or lying about what works.  And it would be nice if i had the funds to just go buy a $50 AP for my house but i dont.

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    So do you have intra-bss enabled or disabled? It needs to be enabled:

    “Intra-BSS Communication

    If you check Allow intra-BSS communication, wireless clients will be able to see each other directly, instead of routing all traffic through the AP. If clients will only need access to the Internet, it is typically safer to uncheck this. In our scenario, people in the conference room may need to share files back and forth directly between laptops, so this will stay checked.”

    Excerpt From: Christopher M. Buechler. “pfSense-2.1-book.epub.” iBooks.

  • In the First post i had mentioned that it is enabled.

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    Then I guess it's broken.  Blame FreeBSD for listing a broken implementation in their HCL.

  • All my working configs use Atheros.. I wouldn't waste my time trying to use a usb wifi interface. Especially RALink from the looks of the forum.

    Part of your problem looks to be related to the bridge. You do lose some capabilities when using a bridge interface I have found.

  • wel mine is a internal card.

  • I don't apply the "pfil" patch in any recent configurations and i am not sure its needed anymore. I know there are inherent issues with bridging interfaces. You lose the granularity of port control for one and i know for RRD you lose stats for the individual interfaces, which is fine for a bridge. But i could also see this having other issues like you are experiencing. If you build a non-bridged AP is it still an issue? Could it be a rule not being properly applied on the correct interface. Things to check.. I usually turn off NAT/firewall until i get mine tuned.
    Good Luck

  • Have you tried disabling the firewall temporary(for testing) under System>Advanced>Firewall/NAT>Disable Firewall

    Break the problem down to the simplest parts.

    It sounds like you had the RALink card going for 6 months so I seriously doubt it is a hardware issue. Probably a bad setting somewhere.

    You don't mention what your clients machines OS are and if Windows you obviously have more to troubleshoot.

  • I have had this problem since i installed the card. which has been about 6 months. Ill try disabling the firewall to see if it works.  Well before with a normal AP before it died everything was fine,  and its a mix of windows 7,8 and android.  And i dont think its windows because when they are wired to the network they work fine.

  • Have you tried turning off the bridge and seeing if the wireless clients can communicate with the bridge off?

    I have a pfSense system with an Atheros card and had a lot of problems getting both the bridge AND the inter-client communications to work some years ago.  Since then I've disabled the internal Atheros card.  These days I've found that the solution in the pfSense manual works best - using the LAN side of a commercial hardware AP.

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    +1, the bridge is just pointless and really bad idea in general.

  • In the past there have been bugs relating to Wifi encryption. (WPA-Supplicant)
    When i say break it down to just essentials I mean no encryption. Just the bare basics.
    Just for testing of course.

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