Failover/failback 2WAN 1LAN , traffic coming back to WAN1 after coming up?

  • Hello guys!, forgive me if this looks stupid to you, i recently got a ALIX system and got pfsense 1.2-RELEASE working on this little monster, the main reason i wanted this thingy was because of the failover and load balancing feature, i have read the doc about Multi WAN 1.2 and followed it step by step, now it seems like the failover is working as after a WAN failure the traffic goes to OPT1  but when WAN comes up again the traffic still goes in on OPT1… is this supposed to happen?  The only way WAN becomes the default again is OPT1 going down.

    SO the questions are:

    Is the Failover feature  supposed to failback?
    Are the instructions on would make that failback work?
    What would i need if i need this feature to work?

    I've read the forums for a few hours now and found nothing about this, as if someone is reporting that works doesnt say if it failbacks.

    Thanks in advance and congrats about a fine piece of software :)

  • Hi,

    Until you get an expert answer you may have a look at this workaround, it's been working for me for a few weeks:,7808.0.html
    post #12

    AFAIK the feature you are asking for should be available in 1.3, I hope someone proves me wrong :)

  • Thank you ilko, it seems like your fix will work but i have the embedded version so i cant change anything, ill try to read the doc to see if i chan make any changes to the image.

  • For edting files just use the built in diagnostics>edit file from the webgui on embeddeds. It will mount the filesystem writable, make the change and make it read only again.

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