PfSense sees LAN but no WAN

  • so i installed pfsense on my old dell inspiron 530s, and i am currently setup up with the phoneline - modem - pfsense pc via adsl and then my other pc via ethernet from the pfsense pc.  It installed , but when i checked the wan it has no ip address and on the lan it does , I didnt setup vlans and i just typed in em0 and em1 instead of autosearching , Is there something that i have to enable like dhcp or something . ( i'm a noob at networking)

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    WAN should default to DHCP.  Is your DSL PPPoE or DHCP?  You might need to call your ISP for the details.

    Have them also tell you how to get your DSL modem in bridge mode so it's transparent and the pfSense WAN address picks up the outside IP address.

    Then you need to configure your WAN interface for either DHCP or PPPoE according to their instructions.

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