Dhcpd: unexpected ICMP Echo Reply from

  • (I just got a very weird message when I tried to post this the first time so I will post this in chunks this time, I don't want to risk losing all I wrote again…)

    The IP I get in this error message is apparently the Juniper E320 of my ISP...

    Obviously I don't run a DHCP server on my WAN interface, any idea why I get this error message?

    Thank you!


  • (I had to clear my cookies in order to post the previous message, I had an error message which suggested I had a virus…)

    Most of my interfaces (including the WAN) are provided by an 4 port Intel i340 if that matters...

    DHCP on my LAN is not provided by my pfSense box but it does provide DHCP to a WIFI interface (which currently misses an antenna so I can't currently use it) and a WIFI access point I connected to one of its port in the mean time...

    Any ideas?

    Thank you!


  • Additional info: The IP that appears in that error message is the gateway my pfSense is given on the WAN interface…

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