Port forward WAN to different LAN subnet interface not working? [Solved]

  • I have everything working fine for basic forwarding from WAN to machines on my regular LAN.  However I recently added a new interface which serves out DHCP for a separate subnet IP range.  It is all working correctly and I can get to the host fine through my LAN when using the external IP of WAN (I suppose NAT proxy at work).  However the port remains closed when I attempt to access that port from any other network.

    I have the nat/rule set up exactly the same as my port forwards on the other subnet ( however it just simply does not work for the one and I can't for the life of me figure out what I'm missing.  The host I'm trying to redirect to has access to WAN just fine.

    I realize this is not a super detailed post but I'm convinced I must just be missing something stupid and basic here.  Thanks!

    Edit:  I don't believe it's the router, I enabled logging on the rule and found it is indeed passing the traffic to where I would expect and it must be getting rejected by the host because of some local policy I'm not aware of.

    Edit:  It was definitely the machine at the other end and had nothing to do with my pfSense configuration.  Thanks to those who took the time to read my post, but it boiled down to me missing something elsewhere.

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