[HELP] pf sense and load balancer machine

  • hi all..
    im from indonesia..
    im new in pf sense n im very interesting

    i have a load balancer machine..
    and i want my pfsense pc conected after my machine..
    this pfsense will be act as proxy(squid) and firewall…

    here is my diagram

    so i want my pfsense as gateway in client..
    in load balancer has 'contain' WAN and act as gateway pf sense…

    i try follow that simple diagram..
    but i cant connect to internet
    i use ping command in pfsense but its still not work
    seem my load balancer doesnt 'give internet' to my pf sense..

    what should i do?
    please i need ur sugestion ASAP
    n sorry bout my bad english


  • :( :(

    pls help us…

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